OMNIS™ Pre-Processing & Meshing

Unlock the power of your solver technology

NUMECA’s pre-processing and grid generation solutions provide access to a suite of high-precision CAD preparation and meshing tools.

AutoSeal, the fastest, most innovative approach for CAD preparation on the market today, takes engineers from CAD or STL to watertight geometry in less than a minute!

Our entirely automatic, multi-block, structured environment is today’s reference in turbomachinery, while our fully unstructured hexahedral meshing with hex dominant options can handle any geometry, no matter how complex.

As for speed, these examples speak for themselves:

  • 2 minutes for a 100 Million cell structured mesh
  • 20 minutes for a full vehicle 1 Billion cell mesh.

Our tools are interfaced with all major CFD commercial solvers and support direct connectivity to most of the CAD systems. 


OMNIS™ - Power to explore, collaborate and innovate

One single integrated multiphysics environment for all steps in the simulation process, powered by the fastest solvers on the market.

Accurately predict real-world product performance through multiphysics simulation. Run all of your CAE  simulations (FEA, CFD, EM,...) in one open platform and change from one physics to another by the simple click of a button. 

Set-up is a breeze; go from CAD to a CFD-ready high-quality mesh in minutes.

Steer product design from start to finish through a highly-automated and streamlined workflow.

High Fidelity - Built for the most advanced simulation needs.


"Since we acquired AutoGrid5™, we divided our meshing time by 5, allowing us to spend more time on the post-processing and the solving of our real challenges." - Martin Olausson, GKN Aerospace Engine Systems in Sweden


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