OMNIS™/Post offers a comprehensive suite of analysis and visualization tools for all OMNIS™ meshing and solver products.

With its modern and intuitive user interface, the user can create color contours, iso-lines, vectors and many other types of plots from a cell-centered, vertex-based, lattice-based, or particles dataset.

For the most complex applications, a static image is not sufficient to fully understand the physics at stake. Therefore, OMNIS™/Post allows performing live co-processing of running simulations to monitor in real-time the solver convergence, or to render the transient plots while the solver time marches greatly reducing the disk space footprint and data processing time. Time and space reconstruction from a harmonic solution is also supported.



OMNIS™/Post uses a video game high-end graphical kernel, fully scriptable via a Python API, that treats large datasets using distributed memory computing resources.

  • Surface and 3D local value
  • Iso-lines
  • Color contour
  • Vector
  • Iso-surfaces
  • Cloud of particles
  • Line chart
  • Integral
  • Formula and operator derived quantities



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