Consulting & Applied Research Solutions

Consulting services are an integral part of NUMECA´s technology-based solutions, offering advanced applications in flow engineering. NUMECA’s engineering services are designed to provide high-quality solutions, targeted to your specific projects and needs. 

NUMFLO, a subsidiary of NUMECA International, offers consulting services in, as well as research and innovation activities for, fluid flow and fluid/solid multiphysics analysis to full design and optimization projects.

Creating your virtual world


CAE and CFD simulation software is largely used by industry today. General software tools are available on the market and cover a large variety of applications, but often fail in providing a fast, reliable and cost-effective solution to challenging industrial applications. Reliable simulations rely on understanding a large number of physical properties and models and the manipulation of various software tools.

NUMFLO addresses these requirements and accompanies your CAE and CFD workflow. We provide high level services to simulate and optimize complex industrial components and processes. Our main areas of expertise are:

  • Simulating complex fluid flows and multiphysics applications;
  • Providing innovative technology and models in response to specific requirements;
  • Integrating in-house or new technologies in commercial CAE software systems, guaranteeing maintainability and support.

Road to Digital Twin

NUMFLO, in collaboration with NUMECA International, developed a systematic approach to "Certification by Analysis", paving the road to a digital twin for your product or process.